How We Teach

How We Teach at UNSW Law

Learn from the best!

Our teaching style has always been distinctive and an integral characteristic of UNSW Law. From the beginning, the focus has been not only on what is taught, but on how it is taught. As a student at one of Australia’s top law schools, you will learn from some of the country’s leading scholars and professional legal practitioners, many of whom have written the textbooks you will use in class.

Small classes, not big lectures!

UNSW Law pioneered student-focused, interactive teaching in small classes in Australian legal education. Our interactive seminar-style classes give you the chance to debate and discuss ideas, ask questions and get to know your lecturer and peers.

All our classes are seminars, which means that you read material before you come to class and then you discuss it with your teacher and classmates. We know from experience that this is the best way to learn law – it helps you to develop your ideas, to maintain a critical and analytical perspective, and it also ensures that you get to know the people you are studying with.

“When considering universities, I was drawn to UNSW Law because of the teaching style. Students are encouraged to actively engage with their learning through seminar-style classes, to not only learn about the law as it currently is, but to consider important questions about the current state of the law – why it is what it is and what should be changed.

This learning environment, combined with the opportunity to learn from lecturers who incorporate experiences from a broad spectrum of careers within the law into their teaching, has helped me develop crucial skills and knowledge that I know will continue to serve me throughout my professional career.”

Tim Coorey
Commerce/Law Student