Law in Action

Law in Action

UNSW Law prioritises experiential learning, leading the way in innovative legal education. Don’t just learn about the law. Put it into action with Australia’s leading and largest range of experiential learning opportunities.

We offer all of our students opportunities to gain high-level practical experience through exchange and international courses, internships, clinics and competitions, all of which are credited towards your degree.

Internships Clinics

Internships and clinics

At UNSW Law we encourage our students to step outside the classroom and experience the law in action through internships and clinics, available to all.

Internships and clinics offer you the chance to ‘trial’ careers during your studies and the opportunity to put your skills into practice while critically analysing the law and the legal system.

UNSW Law offers more clinics and internships than any other Australian law school!

Mooting and skills competitions

Hone your public speaking and debating skills through mooting, trial advocacy, client interviewing and negotiation competitions from first year onwards.

These competitions provide competitors with fantastic experience, and insight into being a legal practitioner.

You could even argue your case overseas in Vienna or at The Hague as an elective subject!