Law in the World

If you're keen to add international experience to your study program, UNSW Law offers two to three week overseas electives, as well as the opportunity to go on a semester long exchange to another leading law school. UNSW students don’t pay any additional tuition fees to the overseas host institution and your courses overseas will be credited to your UNSW Law dual degree.

New York City

International exchange

UNSW Law has one of the largest student exchange programs of any Australian university and has direct links with more than 80 leading international law schools. Completing one or two semesters of your law degree program at an overseas institution is both a culturally rewarding and intellectually enriching experience.


Overseas electives

These two to three week courses are offered at a range of overseas locations during the main summer and winter semester breaks. Each course is worth 6 units of credit towards the completion of a UNSW Law degree program, in place of a 6 units of credit law elective. In 2018, we had opportunities in Berkeley, Shanghai, Beijing, New York, Santiago, Pune, Vanuatu and Zurich.